Announcing Hook's $3m Raise and Treasure Hunt

Visit now to claim your initial rewards.

Announcing Hook's $3m Raise and Treasure Hunt

We’re excited to announce we raised $3 million, led by Collab + Currency and Lattice with support from Slow, Sfermion, Maven11, Contrary and many angels including gmoney, jdh, Salvino D’Armati, Flamingo DAO, Neon DAO, and The LAO, to build the NFT-native options protocol.

Options unlock new yield and hedging opportunities for NFT holders. At the same time, traders can use options to speculate on price movements and access safer leverage.

Today, we’re also kicking off our incentives program, the Hook Treasure Hunt, to reward early adopters for creating liquid options markets on Hook.

Visit to start the hunt.

The Treasure Hunt

Visit now to join the Hunt. You’ll immediately discover treasure once you’ve connected your wallet - the more you’ve interacted with Hook on testnet and mainnet, transacted with other NFT finance protocols, and hold valuable assets in your wallets, the rarer the treasure you’ll discover.

This is just the first step of the hunt. Most treasure is hidden within the protocol. Get instant access to Hook’s options by sharing, then check out this guide for tips on maximizing the treasure you discover in the protocol.

Of course, what matters is not the chests, but the [REDACTED] within.


Start your treasure hunt now!