Hook Explorer Badge

Hook Explorer Badge

If you haven’t read our second post “Hook Protocol Overview and Security Audit Result”, you can take a look here. Today we have a quick and exciting announcement.

We are excited to share our first NFT airdrop - 🔥Hook Explorer Badge 🔥 - with our community members who signed up through our PREMINT page and tried our Testnet.

Explorer Badge is a thank you to our earliest users, and it is the first of many rewards we have planned. We believe that on-chain records, including this badge, should serve as the source of truth for distinguishing our earliest community members.

In addition, your badges will appear on your Hook profile and our Discord in the future. We plan to leverage these on chain records more deeply in our product in the future, and we cannot wait to share them with you.

Explorer Badge

Don’t worry if you didn’t hear about our initial release. You have until this Friday, August 26th to join the founding community! If you’ve already signed up via PREMINT and tried our Testnet, there’s nothing you need to do to receive your badge.

The airdrop will take place in the week following our Mainnet Launch 👀🔥🚀

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