Hook Treasure Hunt: Season 1

Hook Treasure Hunt: Season 1

Ahoy! Season 1 of Hook’s Treasure Hunt is here.

The Treasure Hunt is Hook's incentive program. If you haven’t started your hunt yet and claimed your first chest, you can do by visiting Hook here, connecting your wallet, and following the steps. Remember - the majority of treasure chests will be distributed for using the protocol.

Hook’s Treasure hunt will occur over multiple seasons. Season 1 starts today and will last a minimum of 3 months. Each season is divided into 2-week cycles, where you can discover chests and increase their rarity.  Treasure chests can be claimed after the end of each season.

How to earn Treasure Chests

Each cycle, you can earn up to 2 treasure chests per NFT collection. One chest can be earned for making option offers and the second can be earned for writing options.

  1. Option Offers (vBids or wETH-based offers)
  2. Writing Options (Hook Earn or listings)

For example, if you only make offers on Milady options, you'll earn 1 chest in the cycle. If you make option offers and write options, you'll earn 2 chests.

Treasure Chest Scoring

The rarer the chest, the higher the value. 

There are four different types of chests you can discover while using the protocol. Rarer chests are substantially more valuable than common ones.

The probability of discovering rarer chests depends on the quality of your actions. You can increase your probability of finding rarer chests by increasing a chest’s score.

How to Maximize Your Rewards

Higher-quality actions that take more risk will earn a higher score. Here's how you can increase a chest’s score:

  • The longer an option offer is live, the higher its score will be.
  • The higher the option offer, the higher its score will be.
  • The longer an option listing is live, the higher its score will be.
  • The lower an option’s listing price, the higher its score will be.

A chest's score will be slashed if the user engages in behavior like canceling offers immediately before they are accepted or repeatedly making offers/listings and then canceling them.

Start earning in Hook's Season 1 Treasure Hunt now!