Odyssey First Access is Live

Odyssey First Access is Live

Today, we’re excited to open up first access to Hook Odyssey.

Odyssey is the fastest NFT-focused derivatives DEX and is deployed on Hook Chain, a custom-built Arbitrum Orbit chain.

Who has access?

You need to hold an Odyssey First Access Pass to start trading on Odyssey. Check your wallets - we’ve already airdropped these to past users of Hook.

We’ll be rolling out access to more groups over the next few weeks starting with Odyssey Testnet traders and Hook Explorer Badge Holders.

If you don't hold a First Access Pass, you can DM @HookProtocol on Twitter or join our First Access Telegram group to get access sooner.

What you can do with Odyssey?

Odyssey is the fastest way to trade NFTs. 

With no gas fees, the fastest UX, positions as small as 0.01 NFT, and the ability to go long or short, Odyssey’s trading experience is miles ahead of traditional NFT marketplaces.

We’re launching Odyssey with two perpetual futures markets: Cryptopunks and Milady Maker. Additional collections and options are launching next.

Every Transaction on Odyssey Earns Rewards!

The Treasure Hunt continues with Odyssey! 

The Treasure Hunt is Hook’s Points Program. Whether you're making limit orders, market orders, or providing liquidity to Odyssey's market-neutral pools, you'll earn rewards.

Keep an eye out for a blog detailing Odyssey's Treasure Hunt in the next few days. In the meantime, check out this section in our docs for any initial questions on the Treasure Hunt.

The launch of Odyssey means we’re one step closer to treasure chests opening.

How to get started?

Since Odyssey is deployed on its own Arbitrum Orbit Chain, you’ll need to deposit WETH from Arbitrum or Optimism to begin trading. Support for Ethereum and additional chains will come in the next few weeks.

If you have questions about how Odyssey works, you can check out its’ documentation or join our Discord!