Introducing the Odyssey Treasure Hunt

Introducing the Odyssey Treasure Hunt

Season 1 of the Odyssey Treasure Hunt starts today and Hook Odyssey’s beta is open to all traders.

We’re kicking off the Treasure Hunt by rewarding our past traders and members of select communities with Treasure Chests, our unit of rewards. 

How the Treasure Hunt works

Season 1 of the Treasure Hunt starts today and will end on October 11, 2024 at midnight UTC.

175,000 Treasure Chests will be distributed per day during Season 1. All Treasure Chests reward mechanisms are programmatic and based on the formula published in our docs, not via manual distribution.

The easiest way to participate is by depositing to Odyssey’s Liquidity Pools.

Odyssey’s liquidity pools automatically place market and limit orders, generating Treasure Chests for depositors. The Treasure Chests generated by the pool are distributed to depositors daily, weighted by their deposit amount.

There are multiple ways to participate in the Treasure Hunt besides depositing to pools:

Liquidity & Market Allocations change as more traders are onboarded. 

Refer Traders for more Treasure Chests

Referring traders to Odyssey grants you 10% of the Treasure Chests they receive in Season 1 on their first $10m in volume. 

Every trader starts with 5 referral codes.

Aligned Communities may Claim Treasure Chests

Members of the following communities can claim Treasure Chests.

The Early Adopter Treasure Chest Grant

2.2 million Treasure Chests will be rewarded to traders who previously used Odyssey and to option writers/traders of our legacy call options protocol. Treasure Chests are rewarded based on your actual usage of these protocols. 

If you fall into these groups, you don’t need to take any action. You can view your early adopter Treasure Chests at

The Most Active Traders Receive a Treasure Chest Multiplier

We previously shared Hook’s fee discounts for higher-volume traders. During Season 1, there is a Treasure Chest multiplier for each tier. 

When you refer another trader, they’ll receive your fee tier and multiplier for 30 days. 

Optional: Treasure Chests can be Redeemed for NFTs

We’ll periodically sell blue-chip NFTs for Treasure Chests to reward Treasure Chest participants. In Season 1, Hook will auction off an NFT to the highest bidder (in Treasure Chests) via a live auction in our Discord. After the auction, the winner can hold or sell the NFT they win.


If you have questions about the Treasure Hunt, head to our documentation or Discord

The Treasure Hunt and Hook Odyssey are subject to the Hook Terms of Use. Hook Odyssey is not available to people or entities who reside, are located, are incorporated, or are citizens of the United States or Canada, or any other restricted persons. It is against the Hook Terms of Use to circumvent the rules of the Treasure Hunt or to game the Treasure Hunt scoring mechanism. If this type of activity is detected, the offending user may be disqualified at Hook’s sole discretion.