Odyssey 101: New Market Listings with Kaito.ai

Odyssey 101:  New Market Listings with Kaito.ai

Odyssey is the Perps DEX for fast-moving assets. 

In today’s market, narratives drive attention and price action follows. We need to be able to keep our finger on the market's pulse so we can offer markets that are attractive to traders. 

How Do We Decide What Markets to List?

We factor in trader requests and where attention is headed.

We constantly monitor our community channels to keep track of our traders’ requests, but because we are in a high-growth phase we also have to add markets that will attract new traders to Odyssey. The problem is it's time-intensive to identify narratives and track whether they’re gaining traction or losing steam.

To help expedite our research process, we’ve been using Kaito, a new AI search platform, to keep track of these emerging narratives. Kaito lets us easily identify hot sectors/narratives and the tokens within those narratives with the most mindshare. We’re mostly focused on NFTs and Memecoins, but we’re always keeping track of other narratives that other perp DEXes may underserve.

How Odyssey Traders Can Use Kaito

While we use Kaito to identify new markets to list, Odyssey traders can also use Kaito to determine where narratives and tokens are in their hype cycle.

Traders can use Kaito to identify which narratives are heating up and see if there are any markets that Odyssey supports for that narrative to position accordingly. If a token’s mindshare is growing, then traders can monitor how the price action follows.

Join Our Discord to Request New Markets

We’re constantly looking to add new markets that our traders will find interesting.

 If you’d like to see a new market listed, join our Discord and let us know.