Hook Treasure Hunt Update

Hook Treasure Hunt Update

Season 1 of the Treasure Hunt concludes tonight with the end of Cycle 10.

After the end of Cycle 10, Hook’s call options protocol will enter close-only mode as we focus our efforts on Odyssey. You will always be able to withdraw assets from the protocol, either using our UI or via a block explorer like Etherscan. Hook will operate the v1 UI, available at hook.xyz, through at least Jan 1, 2024.

Learn more about the testnet for Hook Odyssey here.

Odyssey’s Incentivized Testnet

Odyssey’s testnet is incentivized through our Treasure Hunt and trading competitions.

Traders can earn Treasure Chests through the Odyssey Explorer Program by completing weekly bounties in which they test key flows and provide high-quality feedback.

Check out our Discord to learn how you can sign up and start earning.

Odyssey’s Testnet is split into 3 phases, each focused on a different set of features. The first phase will be testing Odyssey's trading including actions like limit and market orders for both perps and options.

Treasure Chests Will be Converted to Points

Upon Odyssey’s mainnet release in early 2024, traders will be able to earn points instead of Treasure Chests for participating in the Treasure Hunt.

Season 1 and Odyssey Testnet Treasure Chests will be converted to points on mainnet release. Hook options traders and writers who participated in Season 1 will have their Treasure Chests represented as a badge NFT on Arbitrum, so they can keep track of their past Treasure Hunt progress. Don't worry, we’ve already taken a snapshot of all Season 1 Treasure Chest holders. 

Next Steps

Join our discord and keep an eye out on the announcements channel to start earning Odyssey testnet rewards.

Our first testnet trading competition will be announced in the next few weeks.