Hook Partners with Caldera to Power Hook Chain's Infrastructure

Hook Partners with Caldera to Power Hook Chain's Infrastructure

We’re excited to partner with Caldera to power the infrastructure for Hook Chain.

Caldera Powers Hook Chain’s Infrastructure

Odyssey is built on Hook Chain, its own Arbitrum Orbit chain optimized for high-performance trading. NFT trading of the past was plagued with high fees, slow transactions, and the ability to only long expensive whole NFTs. Trading on Odyssey is fast and efficient. 

While building our own chain gives traders an unmatched trading experience, one aspect often overlooked is operating its infrastructure, which can be complicated and risky to manage in-house. This is where Caldera comes into play.

Through their Rollup-as-a-Service solution, Caldera powers the infrastructure for Hook Chain by running our sequencer, Block Explorer, and more.

Caldera Lets Us Focus on Our Traders

By leveraging Caldera’s infrastructure, integrations, and auxiliary tooling, we’re able to focus our efforts on delivering the best possible experience for our traders like gasless transactions, one-click trading, and fast trade confirmation.

Caldera does this while offering 99.99% uptime across all of its partners, which is especially important for derivatives exchanges. Any downtime means traders can’t complete key tasks like adding collateral to an at-risk position. Odyssey traders can rest easy knowing that Caldera’s services are reliable. 

As an added benefit, Caldera allows us to use alternative Data Availability layers like Celestia or EigenDA in the future to further reduce fees for our traders.

What is Odyssey?

Odyssey is the fastest NFT derivatives DEX. Odyssey features an off-chain orderbook for capital efficiency and isolated markets to manage risk. Odyssey is currently live in First Access with 3 perpetual future markets, including BAYC/ETH, MILADY/ETH, and PUNK/ETH.

We launched Odyssey’s first trading competition last week with a 25,000 ARB prize pool. There are multiple ways to qualify for rewards. Traders can find more details about the trading competition here.

What is Caldera?

Caldera is a leading Rollup-as-a-Service (RaaS) provider that enables teams to build and scale high-performance modular blockchains, along with all the auxiliary infrastructure you need to power your product vision without limitations.

This custom-built infrastructure offers high throughput, low latency, essential out-of-the-box tooling, and 50+ industry-leading integrations across interoperability, wallet solutions, and more.